Metalok360 M-Air Retriever
Ever lose a tool or other important item down your pipelines?

Avoid cutting up costly mistakes with the new M-Air Retriever 10m/32ft.

Supplied with two sets of jaws, simply select and attach the best jaws for the job and you’re ready to reclaim the dropped item.
Push the cable into place and switch on the air supply to get a grip on the object. Fits in DN100/4” or larger pipes.

The customised steering function allows the retriever head to rotate due to the steering cable inside, making it much easier to grip and retrieve the item. Pull the tool out of the pipeline and then simply turn off the air to release it.

Use our special shaft connectors to extend your M-Air Retriever in 10m/32ft increments.

Operate the M-AIR Retriever with your air compressor. Required 8-10bar/116-145 PSI. Maximum 10bar/145 PSI.
1. 360° Rotating Retriever Head
2. 2 Sets of Jaws
3. Regulator / Air Line
4. Protective Case
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