METALOK360 Site Mapping
METALOK360 designs with confidence, using highly accurate LIDAR technology, this allows us to produce, detailed and actionable 3D models of the site, piping Plant and equipment

3D reality capture enables you to:
Increase safety by reducing the number of site visits required to inhospitable plant environments.
Improve site and office collaboration by sharing highly accurate project data and 3D representations before any pipe system is delivered.
Scan difficult to reach areas with more portable, light and fast capture devices ensuring accurate measurements are obtained.
Reduce plant shut down time through faster and more efficient working methods during installation.
Map site to produce very accurate as-built models and drawings.
Gives METALOK360 the ability to produce accurate, precision-built pipe assemblies off site, saving on plant shutdown time.

Our visual and thickness survey service provides you a detailed report, that will allow you to determine pipe repair frequency.
Ultrasonic thickness measurement is a non-destructive testing method used to inspect the metal thickness of steel piping.
Thickness measuring is essential across many industries to monitor corrosion, erosion, and damage.

Advantages of ultrasonic thickness testing:

  • Provides instant and accurate results
  • Measures material thickness
  • Could be used with access to only one surface on internally corroded or eroded metal pipes
  • Determines acceptance or rejection of a test object based on a reference code or standard

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