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METALOK360 “Quikspool”
Metalok360’s “Quikspool” is a modular pipe system which allows you to build a permanent pipework system without the costs and hassle associated with onsite welding. Metalok360 have designed a flexible module system which consists of  either cold drawn mandrel bent pipes with green ends or pre welded spools with green ends or the option with buttweld fittings, with pipe extensions and welded to ASME B31.
Metalok360’s Quikspool “Custom spools” are fabricated using state of the art Mandrel benders. Mandrel bending is the most economical and efficient way to manufacture spools in hours not days like conventional welding. We are able to fit up to 6 meter lengths of pipe to the bending bed and bend consistent tolerance pipe spools. The efficiency of these machines allows the production of large quantities of spools with multiple bends in no time. Quikspool also comes in a welded version if you would like to have a welded spool, the system is very flexible.
Metalok360 also supplies off the shelf flanged fittings. These can be used when building a new Quikspool modular pipe system. Off the shelf fittings are generally cheaper in price and is an option to consider when selecting what your pipe system and budget requires.

Spools: welded buttweld pipe fittings and pipe, joints are welded to ASME B31
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