An Introduction To The Pathfinder Foam Bodied Caliper Tool
  • Pipeline Geometry Surveys
  • Pipe Piggability Assurance
  • Debris Mapping & Assessment
  • Pipeline Data Logging
What Is Pathfinder?
  • Foam bodied caliper tool
  • Low risk
  • Mechanically simple
  • Easy to use
  • Broad performance specification
  • Robust, reliable, accurate geometry and bore measurement
  • Pipeline proving and piggability assurance
  • Debris mapping and assessment
  • Production pigging performance management
  • Cost effective
  • Proven technology with an established track record
Simple and Reliable Construction
  • Medium Density Foam
  • Rear PU Coating
  • HDPE Housing
  • Embedded Sensor Technology
  • Electronic Data Pack
  • Optional EM Tx
  • Optional Bypass (not shown)
Common Applications
  • Pipeline proving and bore measurement in pipelines with little or no pigging history.
  • Identify and locate pipeline bore anomalies such as restrictions, dents, partially closed valves, thick wall sections where pig and or gauge plate damage occurs.
  • Pipeline debris measurement and assessment.
  • Used prior to starting a pipeline cleaning campaign to qualify existing debris volume at the start. Used during the campaign to confirm pig performance and cleaning progress. Used at the end, to confirm that an acceptable level of cleaning has been achieved.
  • Go/no go gauge for ILI and or other technologies Pathfinder can be run periodically to trend and monitor the performance of long term operational cleaning strategies.
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